Request Addition of Report to Resource Database

Description: In an effort consolidate information on the Basin-Boundary region, the RDI compiles and maintains an extensive library of research and reports specific to the Columbia Basin-Boundary region. RDI may be able to add your research or rural development-related plan to the Resources Database. Following your submission of a request for the inclusion of your research and / or plans in the Resources Database, an RDI researcher will contact you to obtain the document and permission to post online.

Eligible organizations: Non-profit organizations, community initiatives, governments

Timeframe: Intake of requests is ongoing. No application deadlines apply, though the extent of support the RDI is able to offer may be limited by staff schedules. The RDI will endeavour to contact you within 2 weeks of receiving your request.

Fees: The RDI’s services are offered to eligible organizations at no charge.

To add your report or research to the resource database, please contact us.