Research Support

The RDI and the region’s post-secondary institutions have unique capabilities and capacities that can serve to support the applied research and innovation needs of Columbia Basin-Boundary communities.

The RDI’s strategic priorities include helping local governments, organizations and businesses access targeted research support to facilitate informed decision-making and innovation. Some forms of support are provided directly by RDI researchers. Other research support can be accessed through the RDI, but is provided by students and faculty at Selkirk College or College of the Rockies.


Support offered by the RDI

As an applied research centre, the RDI aims to produce and transfer knowledge that helps decision-makers in our communities solve real-world problems. The types of support we offer include the following (click on each for a more complete description of the service):

Entities eligible to access research support on a first-come-first-serve basis offered directly by the RDI are limited to local governments and non-profit organizations as RDI capacities and capabilities allow. However, the RDI can broker access to service-learning programs at our region’s colleges, many of which offer support to businesses. See College Brokering Services for further information.

To make a request for research support from the RDI or the colleges, please contact us.