Webinar & Speaker Series

The Rural Development Institute at Selkirk College is encouraging dialogue in our communities by hosting an ongoing Speaker Series that is designed to provide opportunities to hear from experts on economic, social, environmental and cultural development topics. Each speaker brings a unique set of professional experience and knowledge in their field to share with citizens of the Columbia Basin Boundary region.

The RDI’s goal through the Speaker Series is to provide access to discussion on issues that can be national or global in scope, but explored and discussed through a regional or local context. Always relevant and sometimes controversial, these speakers provide the substance for healthy and thoughtful debate long after the event is complete.

Training workshops are also delivered across the region on an as-needed basis, in response to the needs of ‘communities of practice’. These workshops focus on building the capacity of community based researchers in support of their efforts to collect and use data. The rationale behind these workshops is to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of community-based research (CBR), to share examples of best practices, to link stakeholders with others in their ‘community of practice’, and to provide stakeholders with the tools they need to conduct and use findings from research efforts best positioned to advance their collective goals.

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