State of the Basin Reporting

State of the Basin: Snap Shot & Long Reports, Trends Analyses, & the Digital Basin Snapshot and Long Reports

In an effort to provide a picture of well-being at a given moment in time, RDI researchers are producing a graphic-based State of the Basin Snap Shot report that presents economic, social, cultural and environmental indicator data. The goal is to benchmark and increase our collective understanding of well being in the region and to promote discussion on where we are at and where we might want to go. Datasets presented in Snap Shot and Long reports can be further explored through Trends Analysis Briefs and the online Digital Basin Assets & Indicators Geospatial Portal.

In an effort to capture a snapshot of trends over time and to take advantage of data available through Census Canada, the RDI will produce a State of the Basin Long Report in the year following each Census release. Future reports will not only explore 5-year trends within our region, but will also compare our region to other economic regions in British Columbia. The first 2013 State of the Basin Long Report was released in the Fall 2013. This first Long Report  primarily examines indicators considered in the 2012 Snap Shot and 2013 Snap Shot reports. Future iterations will prioritize emerging priority research areas as identified through ongoing stakeholder engagement.