Knowledge Briefs

The Rural Development Institute at Selkirk College strives to provide information and analysis that is accessible to a wide audience outside of the scholastic community. With this goal in mind, the RDI has launched a series of Research and Knowledge Briefs.  Research Briefs summarize research findings from RDI research.  Knowledge Briefs present the most relevant research and data from government and academic sources.

There are a number of benefits to these Research and Knowledge Briefs: they allow for broad topics to be broken down to a concise and manageable size; they take existing research that is often extensive and complex and distill the most salient points; they appeal to a wide audience that may lack the willingness or expertise to hunt through vast amounts of research from different sources; and they allow for readers to easily tap in to specific areas of rural development interest by limiting the scope of individual reports.

Click here to review briefs generated from the Regional Food Systems project.

Click here to review briefs generated from the Workforce Development project.