Research Areas: Innovation & Knowledge Transfer

One of the core purposes of the Rural Development Institute at Selkirk College is to positively impact innovation and knowledge transfer in the Columbia Basin Boundary region. It’s a straightforward and simple concept that places the RDI in strategic and collaborative partnership with regional, provincial and national networks that are focused on innovation and rural development.

The RDI seeks to increase innovation and knowledge transfer capacity by collaborating and sharing information with academic, government and community organizations that have matching goals and objectives. Presentations, knowledge products and extension activities also support the transfer of knowledge to key stakeholder groups in the region with the goal of supporting a collective regional understanding of key rural development concepts, opportunities and best practices.

A series of knowledge transfer products and supports are being produced on an ongoing basis including Trends Analyses of State of the Basin indicator datasets, Literature Reviews and related Knowledge Syntheses Papers, Speakers Series & Training Workshops, Profiles of Rural Innovators, and the online Research Repository.

State of the Basin

Snap Shot & Long Reports, Trends Analyses, & the Digital Basin Snapshot and Long Reports

In an effort to provide a picture of well-being at a given moment in time, RDI researchers are producing a graphic-based State of the Basin Snap Shot report that presents economic, social, cultural and environmental indicator data. [More]


Training & Speaker Series

The Rural Development Institute at Selkirk College is encouraging dialogue in our communities by hosting an ongoing Speaker Series that is designed to provide opportunities to hear from experts on economic, social, environmental and cultural development topics. [More]


Knowledge Briefs

The Rural Development Institute at Selkirk College strives to provide information and analysis that is accessible to a wide audience outside of the scholastic community. With this goal in mind, the RDI has launched a series of Knowledge Briefs that seek out the most relevant research and data from government and academic sources and breaks it down into brief reports. [More]