RDI takes on Local Water Reporting

The Columbia Basin Trust’s Water Smart initiative drew to a close in 2016 (http://ourtrust.org/innovative-water-conservation-model-proved-successful/). Part of the Water Smart program included the collection, analysis, and reporting of local water demand and consumption data. When several Water Smart communities expressed interest in continuing with data reporting the RDI was asked to take on this role.

As of March 2016 the RDI is pleased to be offering support for data collection, analysis, and reporting. Heading forward this program will support local level information, as well as regional scale tracking of averages and trends. Excitingly, this support is available not only to existing Water Smart communities, but to any community in the Basin-Boundary region. “All communities are encouraged to join, regardless of the size of your water system and the capacity of your community” says Dr. Sarah-Patricia Breen, a water management specialist working at the RDI. “The way the data collection tool was designed allows for flexibility in what information is collected, so it’s not all or nothing.”

The RDI is excited to be working with communities, and helping communities create a detailed understanding of their water systems. Any interested communities can contact Dr. Breen at sbreen@selkirk.ca.