Measuring Progress on Climate Adaptation

Mon, 04/06/2020 - 11:09

The RDI partnered with Columbia Basin Trust's Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative in 2014 to explore how Columbia Basin communities could measure their progress in adapting to climate change. The project generated the State of Climate Adaptation and Resilience in the Basin (SoCARB) approach to adaptation measurement. The approach relies on a suite of indicators that use State of the Basin indicators as their foundation.

The project built regional capacity for climate adaptation by generating a "made in the Basin" approach to measuring adaptation progress. The indicator suite is intended to help communities understanding local climate changes, measure the impact of adaptation efforts, and make informed decisions about future action. The SoCARB approach uses five "Adaptation Pathways" (centred on regional adaptation priorities) and a Community Resilience Index. The project's final report provides guidance on how the SoCARB approach can be adapted for other rural Canadian regions.


Summary Report: Measuring Progress on climate change adaptation in the Columbia Basin

Final Report: Indicators of climate adaptation in the Columbia Basin

Climate resilience indicator literature review