Our Team

Our Team

Research Team

Lauren Rethoret - RDI Coordinator and Environmental Lead


Lauren holds a Master’s degree in Resource and Environmental Management (with a specialisation in land use planning) from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor’s degree in Geography (with a specialisation in globalisation, society and the environment) from Carleton University. Lauren’s research interests center on the human dimensions of environmental well-being, including climate change adaptation, community-based resource management, landscape level planning, public policy in rural areas and sustainable infrastructure management. She has worked and studied in Columbia Basin rural development issues since 2008.

Jayme Jones - Social Lead


Jayme has a passion for sustainability and engaging others to build resilient communities. She loves being in roles bringing people together to address complex issues. Her key interests are water governance and climate change, recognizing the importance of balancing the environment with economic, social, and cultural considerations. Jayme's education includes a Diploma in Integrated Environmental Planning from Selkirk College, a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Management and a Master's Degree in Environment and Management. Her master's thesis examined community action on climate change and the role of Columbia Basin Trust. Jayme has previously worked in government, industry, and non-profit sectors. She is a committed volunteer with a long history of participation on many Advisory Committees, Executives, and Boards. Some examples include the Columbia Basin Trust's Environmental Advisory Committee and the Province of BC's Columbia Basin Regional Advisory Committee (CBRAC). When Jayme is not busy with work or volunteering, you will find her skiing, crafting, singing, or exploring with her husband and two kids.

Dr. Sarah Breen - Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development


Sarah holds a PhD in Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University, a Masters in Geography from Memorial University, and a Bachelor's degree in Geography from Lakehead University. She is an Adjunct Processor at the University of Saskatchewan, with over 10 years of experience in research, policy, and project management. Her research interests include economic development, infrastructure, natural resource management, resilience, governance, and policy - all with a specific focus on rural.

Leeza Perehudoff - Research Intern


Leeza has deep roots in the Columbia Basin-Boundary region and is passionate about local, community-based research. With a Diploma in Recreation, Fish and Wildlife Technology, and a Bachelor Degree in Geographic Information Systems from Selkirk College, they enthusiastically apply their expertise to the State of the Basin initiative. Leeza aims to enrol in graduate studies in 2021, with research interests including geospatial science and spatial statistics, community engagement and social equity, and environmental conservation.

Administration and Technical Support

Dr. Terri MacDonald


Terri is the Director of Applied Research & Innovation at Selkirk College. As the senior administrator responsible for the operations of the RDI, the Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre, and faculty research, Terri provides oversight for over $2 million in research and innovation projects undertaken at Selkirk College annually. 

David Greaves


David has a Bachelor's degree in Geographic Information Systems, and a diploma in Recreation, Fish, and Wildlife from Selkirk College. He has proven experience in public relations, facility management, and a unique ability to apply technology to business processes. His research interests include remote sensing, RPAS, food security, and sustainable rural development. David also serves as team support for the Rural Policy Learning Common's Natural Resource Development Network.